The Best Cigar Deals Mission

“Support your local B&M!” - You ever hear that on the Internet before? I have, a lot of times. Usually in response to a question from someone asking about the best places to buy cigars online. And while it may frequently be said in a rather pretentious and condescending manner - by someone utilizing the Internet for their social interaction instead of a local hangout I might add - there certainly is value and merit in the message.

Your choice of where you purchase your cigars is an important one. You could make an argument that it helps to shape the entire cigar industry. The companies who sell the most are the ones who set the standard, and their ideas and practices are emulated by the new and the less successful companies. I think the majority of the cigar community is in agreement with the “Support your local B&M” mantra. By doing so, they are effectively agreeing that the optimum cigar marketplace landscape they create with their purchases is one where a customer is limited to their local shop or shops. That may have worked back in the “cigar boom” days of the 90’s, but the world is very different today. I think we need to embrace the changes in the world and subscribe to a new mantra - “Support the best cigar companies”.

I have been in the premium cigar industry for 13 years now. I’ve seen hundreds of places where cigars are sold, from desktop humidors on the counters of gas stations to vast warehouses where one might otherwise play professional sports if they weren’t full to the brim with millions of dollars worth of premium cigars. Many of those places are truly wonderful beacons of light in the world, run by knowledgeable folks with a passion for fine tobacco and an even greater passion for sharing their love of the leaf with others. Unfortunately others are not. Sometimes it’s an owner with a lack of knowledge, or worse, integrity. Other times it might be a loss of passion, or the case of someone taking over a business they didn’t have a passion for in the first place.

Imagine if you lived in a place where the only local B&M was run by someone who thought that 76% Rh was an appropriate setting in the humidor? Or simply decided not to carry a few of your favorite brands? Choices are never bad, and the ability to buy online gives us more choices. A business isn’t worthy of your support simply because it happens to be within driving distance of your home. Whether you’re buying B&M or buying online - support the businesses who are the best.

We can’t discuss your cigar purchasing decisions without talking about the price. We all visualize a Utopian world where we make purchasing decisions based on what companies we want to shape the market landscape. The reality is that you bust your tail for every penny of your paycheck, and by saving a few of those pennies when you buy your cigars, you can afford the other nice things in life too. Or some more cigars, if we’re being honest with ourselves. You work hard for your money, and you deserve the best deal on cigars that you can get!

The part of the “Support your local B&M” mantra I really get behind is the implication about not supporting the biggest online retailers. Massive big-box retailers have practices that are hurting the long-term future of our business. They have turned cigars from a passion into a commodity. BestCigarDeals is here to prove that you can support the best cigar companies while shopping online and getting a rock-bottom discounted price. The greatest cigar shops in the country for the most part have thriving B&M locations as well as shipping nationwide via online sales. They have shrewd buyers who score great deals, and are capable of offering deals and discounts that put the big box guys to shame. Sometimes they are a little bit harder to find - and that is where we come in!

You want the best deals, and you want to support the best companies. This is the mission of BestCigarDeals. We scour the country for the best deals. We also consider the overall quality of the company offering the deal. We want you to be able to shop online for an incredible deal on cigars, and still feel great about the company you are supporting. Our goal is to bring you big-box retailer style discounts from the best cigar retailers in the USA. Take a look through the deals - and score yourself some terrific smokes, save some money, and support an outstanding tobacconist with just a few clicks!