Cigar Humidor Buying Guide

I think we can all agree that looking for a cigar humidor can be very overwhelming.

That’s why I took the time to fix this problem for you.

This buying guide gives you the ability to select the perfect humidor in a matter of minutes while also grabbing all of the proper accessories.

I’m going to show you all of the different options you have while also sharing with you how you can create a humidor for as little as $4.00!

Buying a cigar humidor:

A cigar humidor is necessary for anyone looking to properly store their cigars. A humidor is generally nothing more than an airtight container that contains a humidifier. This creates a humidified environment and prevents the cigars from drying out.

Humidors come in all shapes and sizes these days. A good way to choose your humidor is by how many cigars you’re looking to hold. Most humidors come with a capacity count, however, it’s important to note that these capacities are based on the size of a small Cuban corona.

Since cigars come in many sizes, a good rule of thumb is to assume that the humidor is going to hold 20% less cigars than its listed capacity.

Let’s look at your options for buying a new cigar humidor…

Small Humidors:

Small humidors are great for anyone who’s just looking to get started with cigars. These humidors typically fit between 25-50 cigars depending on the cigar size. The small size is great for storing cigars on your desk, in your closet, or under the bed. The dimensions for most small humidors is roughly 9” x 4” x 10”. You can expect to spend around $30 to $50 on a nice small humidor.

My favorite small humidors:

Medium Humidors:

Often times you’re going to find yourself wanting to hold more than just 25 cigars. That’s when it’s time to invest in a medium sized humidor. These humidors fit between 50 and 150 cigars. The major difference between a small humidor and a medium sized humidor is that the medium humidors usually contain a removable tray. This allows you to stack your cigars while still having easy access to the cigars at the bottom. The cost of a nice medium sized humidor is typically between $70 and $180.

My favorite medium humidors:

Large Humidors:

So you’ve officially come to terms with the fact that you’re obsessed with the cigar hobby? Welcome to the club my friend. Now it’s time to find a place to store that huge cigar collection. Let me first start by explaining something about the large humidor market…

Most of these humidors are actually designed to be fashionable furniture. If you aren’t quite looking to purchase something this large, but would still like to hold more than 150 cigars, skip to the next section on cigar fridges.

Large humidors can typically hold anywhere from 300 to 5000 cigars! The shapes, designs, and styles are typically all over the place. The most common style is the “tower” which is capable of holding the largest amount of cigars. The prices on these can range anywhere from $200 to $2600.

My favorite large humidors:

Cigar Fridge:

This is by far my favorite way to store cigars. The cigar fridge started when someone got the idea to convert a wine fridge into a humidor. They have many different names such as: cigar fridge, cigar cooler, and wineador. They come in many different styles and sizes and typically hold between 125 and 500 cigars. The built in fan helps the humidity circulate while the fridge prevents the temperature from getting too high. For a cigar fridge you’ll be looking to pay somewhere between $200 and $450.

My favorite cigar fridges:

Travel Humidors:

Travel humidors are meant for storing your cigars while hitting the road. Typically they’re small and hold about 2-10 cigars. However, you can find some that hold up to 40. Since they’re made for traveling they come with a hard shell exterior and a soft foam inside. This allows your cigars to stay safe while moving around in your travel bag. Pricing typically depends on the desired size, and you can expect to spend anywhere between $10 and $70 for a high quality travel humidor.

My favorite travel humidors:

Making a cigar humidor:

You don’t have to break the bank just to store your cigars. Like I said before, you can make your own cigar humidor for as little as $4.00!

At the end of the day, all you need is an airtight container and a humidifier. Here are four different ways you can make an effective cigar humidor:

Ziploc Bag Humidors:

The ziploc bag humidor, AKA the $4.00 method, is great for anyone who is just getting started with smoking cigars. All you need is a ziploc bag that seals properly, and a $4.00 Boveda pack. You can learn more about Boveda packs in this buying guide under “Humidor Humidifiers”.

Ziploc Cigar Humidor.
5 cigar ziploc humidor with a Boveda 65% pack.

Tupperware Humidors:

A tupperware humidor is nothing more than a piece of airtight tupperware and a humidifier. This is very similar to the ziploc bag humidor, but with the tupperware you have a lot more options for sizing.

One thing to note about tupperware humidors, you should always use brand new tupperware, and wipe it clean with distilled water before using. Cigars are like sponges and if you use a piece of tupperware that smells like food or dish soap, that aroma is going to transfer over to the cigar.

Pro Trip: If the tupperware has a plastic smell, soak the inside with distilled white vinegar before wiping clean with distilled water.

Tupperware humidor examples:

Jar Humidors:

Jar humidors are a very cool way of safely holding a small amount of cigars. They’re great for decoration and they’re very effective. As you can guess, all you need is an airtight jar and a humidifier. You can buy a jar meant for storing cigars, or you can just pick something up locally.

Keep in mind that cigars can easily be sun damaged through the glass. Make sure to keep your jar humidor in a place that won’t get any direct sunlight. It’s also a good idea to wipe the jar out with distilled water before placing cigars in it.

Jar humidor examples:

Cooler Humidor:

Just when you thought you had seen every homemade humidor creation, I hit you with the cooler humidor. Cooler humidors are great for a few reasons:

They’re insulated so it prevents your cigars from going through rapid temperature changes.
Most of them are airtight.
It’s an affordable way to store a very large amount of cigars.
Make sure to wipe the cooler clean with distilled water before using.

Pro Trip: If the cooler has a plastic smell, soak the inside with distilled white vinegar before wiping clean with distilled water.

Cooler humidor examples:

Cigar Humidor Accessories:

Every cigar humidor needs a few accessories in order to function properly. As you probably know by now, you need a humidifier in order to create the humidity. You also need a hygrometer so that you can monitor what humidity your humidor is currently sitting at.

Humidor Humidifiers:

It’s easier than ever to find a great humidifier for any cigar humidor you’re using. They all come with their own sets of pros and cons, but I think after reading this buying guide you’ll know which one is right for you.

Pro Trip: If you bought a humidor and it came with one of those small black “puck” humidifiers make sure you throw it in the garbage. These are extremely prone to creating mold and that’s a road you don’t ever want to go down.

Boveda Packs:

This is my favorite humidifier on the market today. Boveda packs use a patented 2-way humidity control technology that adds and removes moisture as needed to keep your cigars at the perfect humidity.

Boveda Packs.
Boveda packs in a small desktop humidor. | Photo by: @cambridgecigarchap

Boveda makes packs in 4 different humidity levels for your personal preference or your specific humidor setup:

65% Packs = For people who prefer a dryer cigar, or for someone storing mostly Cuban cigars.
69% Packs = Made for ziploc humidors, tupperware humidors, jar humidors, and cooler humidors.
72% Packs = Made for standard small, and medium sized humidors.
75% Packs = Made for humidors with bad seals and glass tops.

This might create a little confusion so let me explain… 69% is an ideal humidity level to keep your cigars at. Ziploc humidors, tupperware humidors, jar humidors, cooler humidors, and cigar fridges all have airtight seals so you can use the 69% packs with no issues.

All other humidors typically have some sort of small leak. The 72% packs compensate for that small leak and usually end up creating an environment around 69%.

Humidors that have a glass top ALWAYS leak and there isn’t much you can do about it. The 75% packs are made to compensate for glass top leaks and aim to land right around that 69% humidity range.

The 65% packs are for people that have an airtight humidor AND know that they prefer a dryer cigar. Also people that store Cuban cigars need to be careful because Cubans develop mold at a lower humidity than cigars from other countries.

Another great thing about Boveda packs is how little space they take up in your humidor. You can lay them directly on or under your cigars without any issues. Each pack can handle a 25 cigar capacity humidor. So if you have a humidor that’s said to hold about 50 cigars, you should use 2 packs. It’s also important to note that you can’t over humidify your cigars with Boveda packs.

The only downside of Boveda packs is that they don’t last forever. Typically a Boveda pack that’s in a standard humidor with some minor leaks will last about 2-3 months. But it really all depends on how hard you make the pack work. If it’s in an airtight humidor it can last anywhere between 6-12 months.

Humidor Beads:

Beads are great because they can humidify big humidors and they’re rechargeable so they can last forever. These are ideal for large cooler humidors and cigar fridges.

Humi-Care Beads
A 4oz jar of HUMI-CARE Beads. | Photo by: @johnny_tall_pipes

You add a small amount of distilled water to them which they absorb and typically create a humidity level of around 65-70%.

The downside of beads is that they don’t stay at a specific humidity level as well as Boveda packs do. But they are definitely still a great option, especially since they only need to be purchased once.

The humidor beads we recommend are the HUMI-CARE beads and the Heartfelt Industries Beads.

Electronic Humidifiers:

Electronic humidifiers are typically used for the large humidors that hold anywhere between 200 and 10,000 cigars.

Electronic Humidifier
A nice electronic humidifier made by Cigar Oasis. | Photo by: @habanosbanker

They work by creating humidity from water inside the unit and dispersing that humidity using a built-in fan. Once the desired humidity level is reached, the humidifier shuts itself off.

Some electronic humidifiers even have wifi options so that you can monitor your humidors humidity level and temperature at all times and make adjustments to it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Typically electronic humidifiers need to be plugged into an electric outlet which would require running a power cord through your humidor. However, some units now have a rechargeable battery pack.

For obvious reasons most electronic humidifiers aren’t right for the casual cigar smoker. But if you ever do find yourself in the market for one, be sure to check out the products from Cigar Oasis.

Humidor Hygrometers:

A hygrometer is the device that tells you what humidity level your humidor is sitting at. Without one you’re taking the huge risk of flying blind. Think of a hygrometer as an insurance policy on your cigar investment.

Digital Hygrometers:

A digital hygrometer is the only way to truly know what the current humidity is of your humidor. Most of them will also show you the current temperature.

Digital Hygrometer
All humidors can benefit from a hygrometer. | Photo by @bovedainc

But even digital hygrometers are inaccurate when you first purchase them. That’s why they need to be calibrated before using. Luckily Boveda provides a cheap and easy to use calibration kit. Your hygrometer should be recalibrated once every 6 months for maximum safety.

The digital hygrometers we recommend are the Hygroset and the Caliber IV.

Analog Hygrometers:

Analog hygrometers are nothing more than decorative accent for your humidor. They are wildly inaccurate regardless of calibration and they shouldn’t be trusted under any circumstances.

Humidor setup and seasoning:

Since I wanted this guide to tell you everything you needed to know about buying a humidor, I thought there were a few more tips I needed to mention.

Seasoning Your Cigar Humidor:

If you have a humidor that has wood on the inside, you need to season it first before adding cigars to it! There are no exceptions to this. Since this is an entire different subject in itself I recommend you watch these videos to learn about how and why to season your humidor:

Why it’s important to season your humidor:

How to season your humidor:

The Boveda 84% seasoning packs are only $4.00 and well worth the investment!

Proper humidor humidity level and temperature:

A good rule of thumb is 70/70 rule. 70% relative humidity and 70 degrees fahrenheit. But as you know, rules are meant to be broken.

It’s less about an exact number and more about consistency. You don’t want the temperature of your humidor to be swinging from 50 degrees to 75 degrees everyday. Changes in temperature will also affect the humidors humidity level. Try to place your cigars somewhere in your house that has a consistent temperature. Don’t let your cigars go below 60 degrees or over 75 degrees fahrenheit.

As for humidity, you should aim for the range of somewhere between 62% – 70%. Find a spot within these ranges where you can find consistency using the humidifiers I have listed in this buying guide.


As you can see, you have many options in the world of cigar humidors. Even though it might seem overwhelming at first, it really just means that there’s a choice out there for everybody.

To simplify things one last time, all you need is an airtight container and a humidifier. Adding in a hygrometer will save you from a ton of pain down the road.

Do you still have questions? Did I forget to mention a type of humidor? Leave a comment below, I respond to every one of them.

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