Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a deal submitted?

Shoot us an email on our Contact page. There isn't any guarantee that we'll share it but we will definitely review it.

Do you post international deals?

Not at this time. All of our deals are U.S. only.

Do you post deals on Cuban cigars?

Not yet. This is because of the legalities of purchasing cigars in the U.S. If the laws change, we will change with them.

Can I change the frequency of the emails I receive from you?

No you cannot. This is because many cigar deals are very limited and urgent. Our goal is to get you the deals as soon as possible and as frequently as they pop up.

Are you affiliated with any cigar retailers?

No we are not. This is a completely unbiased service that is centered around providing you with the best deals we find from any and all cigar retailers.

I've noticed that CigarsFor.Me now forwards to this website. Is run by the same people?

Yes it sure is! CigarsFor.Me has now closed it doors, but our love for cigars lives on through!