Why Buy Cigars Online?

Back in the old (but not TOO old) days, you had two choices - buy your cigars from the B&M shop near your house, or head to the interwebs and pick up a box from one of a handful of large online warehouse operations. The latter could save you some time and money, but you could run into poor customer service, long shipping times, or improperly stored product. Fortunately for us, those days are long gone. I think it has been official for a while now, but in case you haven't noticed, E-commerce and online shopping are here to stay. Everything from groceries to beer, electronics to antiques is able to be delivered or shipped to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

I personally am a big fan. I haven't been to a mall between Halloween and Christmas in years. I live in the boonies, so for me the convenience factor is magnified by the travel distance required to get pretty much anywhere. In addition to the convenience, I love having more choices and getting to check out the competition for the best deals. I save time and money, and I also feel more confident in my purchase since I know I carefully researched it and got the best price available. I never have to wonder if I got hoodwinked by a charming salesperson.

Buying cigars online is a natural utilization of the technology available to us. With such a wide array of incredible premium cigars on the market today, no one shop can possible carry them all. There are limited releases, store exclusives, and more boutique cigar makers than ever to keep up with. Being able to shop online allows you to have more access than ever before to the full range of cigars available today.  You can quickly compare prices and shipping choices, and you can have pretty much anything you want on your doorstep and ready to smoke in a few days.

Long gone are the days where buying online meant you had to support some faceless warehouse-type company where you wondered if they even knew what a cigar was. Now, the best tobacconists in the country all have websites. They are great business people, and they want to expand their markets! Just because you make the choice to buy some of your cigars on the Internet does not mean you need to patronize a company you don't feel great about supporting.  When you buy your cigars online from one of the many terrific online shops out there, you can not only feel great about the company you're supporting, but you can be confident that their service will be every bit as thoughtful and outstanding as it would be if you walked into their lounge!

Some people will say that the smaller shops can't compete price-wise with the big-box guys. And that may be true sometimes, the buying power the big box guys have can give them access to some great deals as well as making the manufacturers look the other way when it comes to enforcing the pricing restrictions they place on their retailers. I contend that the little guys are able to offer deals that are just as good, but I know they can be harder to find. It takes a little bit of work to dig up the deals that they offer, but when you track one down, they can stack up to the big guys easily. I am out on the hunt for those deals every day, and this site is where you will find them!

At Best Cigar Deals, we are here to make your online cigar shopping experience even better. Don't buy from the biggest, buy from the best - without paying one extra penny. Join our mailing list and keep visiting our site to find hand-picked special offers from the best cigar retailers in the country!