Write Cigar Reviews, Earn Cigar Discounts

We're always on the hunt for great cigar bargains offered by online retailers, but this may be the first time we've found a promotion that allows you to earn your own discount and apply it to whatever products you like! Cigar lovers can do this simply by writing about their experience of smoking a particular cigar. Here's how it works - our partner retailer Scotty's Cigars offers a free-to-join loyalty program called Scotty's Cigar Club. Once you sign up to become a member, you start earning points that can be used just like cash at the Scotty's Cigars website. You earn points for purchases, which isn't exactly a ground-breaking revelation, but what attracted our deal-seeking missiles were the ways you can earn points without spending a dime. The most notable one is their awards for writing cigar reviews. Like many sites, Scotty's Cigars encourages people to share their smoking experience to help guide future customers who might be interested in trying something new. Unlike all those other sites, Scotty's Cigards awards club members 350 points for each review they write! With no cash outlay required to join the club, smokers with extensive experience about a variety of brands can write reviews and stockpile points to really stretch out their cigar budget!